Leash Laws

Argenta has a leash law for ALL animals.  Fines are enforced. Please keep your pets safe.

  • All animals kept by humans must be under control at all times and must be prevented from leaving the owner’s property. This includes dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, livestock species, and any other animals being kept by a human.
  • Animals must be confined outside in a manner that allows adequate exercise. Dogs that are tied must be on a swivel-base lead at least 12′ in length and the owner must be present. Dogs are prohibited from tie-outs or chains, when no owner is present.
  • We recommend dogs be confined outside behind a fence rather than on a tie-out to
    • Protect them from other animals
    • Prevent problems with aggression due to the frustration they experience when chained.
  • Animals may be kept on the owner’s property via “invisible fencing,” provided it is a reliable means of containing those animals.